Facts & Figures

Facts & figures

CMHS provides a competitive salary and benefits package to our residents. Effective January 2020, resident salaries are as follows:

  • PGY1 $55,000
  • PGY2 $60,000
  • PGY3 $65,000
  • PGY4 $70,000
  • PGY5 $75,000

Educational Allowance
Residents receive a competitive stipend for each academic year to put toward continuing medical education expenses, including but not limited to educational courses, books, subscriptions, learning modules, and educational software. Additional learning resources are available through the program.

Health Insurance
Residents are eligible to participate in the Community Memorial Health System benefit plans (medical, dental, vision, life and long-term disability). Coverage will begin on the first day of the resident contract.

Leave Time
Residents receive 20 days of paid leave each academic year.

Residents must apply for a California Training License prior to starting their residency.  At the beginning of the PGY2 year, residents must apply for a DEA license, the cost of which is covered by the program.

Malpractice Insurance
Community Memorial Health System provides, at no cost to the residents, the required professional liability insurance while participating in the program. The professional liability insurance provided does not cover activities outside the program, such as moonlighting away from a CMHS facility.

Board Certification Exam
The program covers the cost of the Board Certification Exam if the resident registers for the exam during the final year of their residency.

Additional Benefits
Please see the CMHS Benefits Handbook for information on additional benefits.