Every CMHS resident is required to participate in scholarly activity in order to meet graduation requirements. The scope of this activity is defined by the requirements of the specialty college.  Residents should review those requirements carefully prior to initiating a project to ensure it meets the specifications of their specialty board. Residents are encouraged to present their work at a national meeting. The Graduate Medical Education Program will pay for residents to attend a conference where their work is presented.

The Graduate Medical Education Program has established a Research Support team to help guide residents with their research projects.  The members of the Research Support Team assist residents in designing and completing their research projects and are available to residents for consultation and guidance.  In addition, research projects will need to be submitted to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for final approval unless they clearly meet IRB exemption criteria.

In addition, the program has access to statisticians at California State University Channel Islands, who are available to assist residents in processing the data collected as part of their research project.

The Research Support Team members are:

Graal Diaz, PhD
Amanda Frugoli, DO
Janet Hobbs – Library Services Manager

Scholarly Output

This list of publications and presentations is maintained by the Medical Library.
In the case of inadvertent omissions, please notify the library.

Publications by Specialty and Year


Behavioral Health

Jebreel, D. T., Doonan, R. L., & Cohen, V. (2018). Integrating Spirituality Within Yalom’s Group Therapeutic Factors: A Theoretical Framework for Use With Adolescents. Group, 42(3), 225-244. doi: 10.13186/group.42.3.0225

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Family Medicine

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General Surgery

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Internal Medicine

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Orthopaedic Surgery

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